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An Update


Hello to anyone out there reading this. This post marks my return to the blogosphere, the creatively named ‘Michael Griffiths Blog’ is no more. This now marks the birth of my new rebranded and marginally more creatively named blog, Griffland. Welcome.

My last blog was a collection of diary entry style posts that marked my five-month journey around South America last year. In fact this time last year I think I found myself in Buenos Aires, most likely hungover. I’ve imported those old posts to this blog for anyone who enjoyed them last time round, and for anyone else who wants to see what I was up to in South America too, but mainly because I need to start filling the new blog with some content. Currently they are comprising the majority of the content, but hopefully that will change very soon!

I returned from South America last summer and enjoyed a period of time off (that might sound mad, but for my first backpacking trip staying on the move for all that time genuinely took it out of me). In the months since I’ve developed into the most indecisive person I know, having decided that I wanted to travel again, then changed to apply for writing jobs, then decided to travel, then to apply for a masters course, then actually travel again after all. And here we are.

My hopes with Griffland are to turn it into a travel blog more appealing to the masses. My awful jokes won’t just be aimed at my family and friends, as I’ve decided everything is not much more fun when it’s mini (now I’ve got an Uncle Bryn quote out the way, that begins here). I am posting this right at the beginning of the journey, so ironically, family and friends, you are probably the only people reading this anyway.

Essentially, rather like last time it’s going to be a bit of fun to accompany my travels, but I plan to create content such as travel tips, city guides and featured photos, as well as still telling strange stories of what I get up to wherever I am in the world. I have some pretty cool ideas for future excursions in the back of my mind, but in the mean time my posts will largely revisit South America as well some places in Europe I visited last summer, and some useful travelling tips I’ve picked up so far, as well as informing of my future travelling plans. I can’t really have a travel blog and not do any travelling. Oh and that will include my very weird weekend in Amsterdam with a bunch of extended family that’s coming up soon.

So as we are here at the start of the journey, more readers I am looking for you! A subscribe or a follow, a retweet or a like, I appreciate all good faith in helping me get this started. Let’s see where it ends up.


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