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Why Griffland? What’s New?

A little more on what to expect in the coming weeks and months...

I thought I’d follow up my blogging return last week in ‘An Update’ with a bit of clarification over what has changed since my last blog. Well that and the fact that despite writing a travel blog I’m yet do any travelling in 2017 (embryonic stages, and that).

Last time out my blog was a series of diary entry style posts that followed my backpacking trip around South America. It was nothing serious and merely told the ridiculous stories of some of the things I encountered on my trip, mostly to please my family and friends. I’ve since accepted the harsh reality that while blogging like that is a fun thing to do, the majority of people outside of your close circles don’t really give a shit.

So why now Griffland? I don’t hear you ask. I’ve decided to up my blogging game, basically. Also I’ve been incredibly bored in the months since my South American adventure, this blog has now actually given me a bit of focus. I’m still in the very early stages of trying to get it off the ground, but I’ve some big ideas for where I’d like to take it.

I’ve called it Griffland for a few different reasons. One, it was one of the first names I thought of when I brainstormed, deciding there and then it would do. Two, this is going to be more of a personality driven blog rather than me giving you a bunch of resources – I think I’m a better writer when it’s my own voice you can hear coming through. For example you don’t want me telling you the 10 best cafes in Rome, anyone could have written that. To put it bluntly, the name needed a bit of an identity. And three, I guess it was also in a bit of recognition to my Dad. He was Griff to many who knew him, and I lost him when I was 13. I owe a lot to him as his success in life is still helping me out today, and that’s going to be helping me travel the world, so Griffland is a name that just feels right more than anything (hopefully now we’re good to go).

So, I should probably actually go somewhere, shouldn’t I? I have a few plans to travel this year, and a few more in my head, all that to be revealed in good time. The biggest difference for a start is that I’ll be posting a lot more content. Weird stories will still form a part of my musings, but there’ll be more. More musings, and not just my own. While I’ve decided Griffland is very much my blog and myself talking about my travels (that identity thing I was on about), I want it to be a place that tells just more than my own stories.

I want it to be a place that also gives other people a voice who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to have their story told, and I’d like to be the one that tells them. I love travelling to places far and wide and seeing beautiful landscapes, but more of the time it’s the people there who make a good travelling experience.

My plans with the blog are to take on some adventures later in the year, but in doing so to have the chance to find those stories that are out there, then share them on here. Now I’ve written that, I’d feel very stupid if this approach of hoping to meet interesting characters gets absolutely nowhere. There isn’t much point in featuring an oddball tattoo artist in the Philippines if he manages to still have the personality of a cardboard box.

So in time ‘featured people’ posts will hopefully take their place on here, and that’s the direction I’d like to push this in. But in between all that I’ll continue working on the look of the site, telling a few of my own tales as I’ve mentioned, as well as sharing photos (I’ll be taking photography a little more seriously than relying on my iPhone from now on), and some insights on the places I’ve been to so far. I imagine there’ll continue to be quite the South American flavour in the beginning, you can check out my encounter with a guinea pig in Peru here. A sprinkling of Europe might also surface.

Regarding future travel plans I do have a very weird weekend in Amsterdam coming up soon, weird for the reason I’m going with loads of my family. Not sure whether I should just be keeping that one to myself here, we’ll see…


2 comments on “Why Griffland? What’s New?

  1. We’re in the same boat – my blog’s also in the newbie stages (it has a whopping one single post on it haha). Have given you a follow. Look forward to seeing your posts!


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