Rainbow Mountain

Hello there. My name is Michael Griffiths, call me Michael, Mike, Griff, whatever, and welcome to my travel blog, Griffland. More on that dubious choice of name to come.

Thank you for making it here. This is where I like to share stories, insights, photos and yes, musings from the places I go to in the world. I’d like to think this is a place for those who enjoy a strange story, seek some inspiration to go and live their own adventure, but probably most importantly, to remind people there’s still some good left in the world.

Griffland is a place that gives other people from around the world a voice. My motivation with this blog is to share the stories of people from who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity. In essence, mine aren’t the only musings you’ll read. Meeting interesting people is one of my favourite things about getting around because there are lots of incredible stories out there. I’m just here to find them, and then share them.

I read a lot of travel blogs that like to tell you ‘how’ to travel, but for me that misses the point, doesn’t it? Travelling gives you freedom like nothing else, and I think it should be done on your own terms. You get out of it what you wish. You are here because you have an interest in travelling, so you don’t need me to tell you how you should do it. That said, I’m happy to share what I get up to, and the people I meet.

I travel mostly by myself, and I do it because I like that new places teach me new things. You are also likely to see some really cool shit along the way. It’s true as well that other corners of our planet are far more exciting than residential Sheffield in the UK, which is where I have resided for most of my life.


I’ve been inspired by a backpacking trip I took solo around South America for five months in 2016, and the old diary blog posts can be found in the archives somewhere on here, (if you’re an aspiring blogger yourself just look how bad I was to begin with). Anyway, these new places create new challenges, allow you to meet new people and push you into new boundaries. For someone who is likely best described as moderately introverted, that’s probably the best thing I can do.

That’s also why I write. Sharing the experiences is another part of making it all fun. Born in the 90s, I haven’t exactly grown up into an age where the idea of writing for a living is met with thriving prosper. It’s early days, but I’m determined to prove there’s power in the written word yet. So you are more than welcome to follow me on social media here…





Now I should probably explain the choice of name. I know what you’re thinking, how did he come with that?? Three whole minutes it took, actually. There’s a bit of a welcome to my world vibe going on, but it’s largely a recognition to my Dad. He was Griff to many, and I lost him at 13.

His success in life is still helping me out today, and that’s helping me travel the world, so it just feels right more than anything. Despite the apparent lack of inventive nous for coming up with the name (my last blog was even called ‘Michael Griffiths Blog’), I promise you my posts are genuinely filled with more creativity.


My aims with this blog right now are to simply put out plenty of good content and see where it takes me. The dream is to obviously take it further, becoming a professional blogger and using it to make a living would be pretty tidy.

Although I’m not delusional, I know that’s an incredibly tough journey. I’ve certainly some interesting ideas of where to go in the future though, making those a reality weigh heavily on getting more of you to come visit me on here!

So you are invited to subscribe to exclusive email updates on the righthand sidebar of this page.

Lastly, I’m extremely grateful that you have found Griffland at this early stage, I’m relying on you to help it grow, now I hope you enjoy your stay.


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